The Highlights of Harvesting: Corn skiing in the Spring

We all love skiing powder. The bottomless bounce under our feet, the schuss, the float, the trenches we leave, the cascade of cold smoke brushing across our knees and thighs. And we search for that dream all winter long.But it’s not everything. Not quite. Skiing corn has its own allure too: sun, warmth and creamy carving. And while many of us start moving onto other spring enthusiasms, the virtues of spring skiing present their own rewards for those who are willing to organize the variables required to harvest corn at the right time. And for a lot of us, working out that perfect equation is worth fighting for.Some people don’t get it. “You’ve been skiing all winter, and now you’re getting up at 3:30 a.m. to hike? That’s gross.”Is it? Heading out to ski spring corn is a workout. Early mornings, cold approaches, heavy packs, hiking and headlamps are commonplace. Add sun and heat to the equation and the timetable becomes important. Too early, and you’re rattling fillings. Too late and you’re skiing peanut butter. Time it perfectly and the thoughts of skiing powder couldn’t be further from your mind. There’s a camaraderie amidst the throngs of skiers who embrace the o’dark thirty wake ups, the semi-conscious drives to the trailhead, the sloggy ascents, only to bask in the sun, sweltering, and ultimately, to arcing turns below craggy peaks and sunlit slopes, returning to the car, sweat drenched, cracking beer number two, and it’s not even noon. Some might call that ‘gross’. We call it “winning.” G3 has made the Mountain Series for those who participate in that camaraderie. Depending how much ski you like lugging around, the Saint, the Tonic, and the ZenOxide provide enough variety for discerning skiers who have their own value scale to uphill ergonomics and downhill chops. Spring corn might not have the celebrity that powder commands, but the combination of work, timing and weather produce rewards for us every bit as real when these elements come together. What more do you want from a perfect day in the mountains?

Mt. Baker in Julyg3baker4

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