A Little Too Keen?

G3 gear ambassador Alex Geary just received his Tonics in the mail, and it looks like it was just enough to tip his pre season angst over the edge and get him hiking for some early season turns. We're glad he left his brand new skis behind though...

Earlier this week he and a friend headed up Mt. English in the Southern Monashees to do some exploring in search of new snow and skiable lines. Their adventue turned out to be "mostly comprised of bushwhacking on foot and skinning over rocks", but luckily they indeed found a couple of couloirs with enough snow to make some turns.

Alex described early season skiing "down into the fog with 20cm storm snow over rocks" as "less than ideal", but any pre season turns are good turns, right?

Apparently Alex is going to wait for the another significant snowfall before he goes skiing again, especially on the new Tonics. But he's one day ahead of most of us. Are you #ReadyForWinter?

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