The Mags are Liking What They See at G3

With winter wrapping up, here's a quick glimpse at some of the great kudos G3 gear received in print and online magazines this spring.

G3 Expedition Climbing Skin Reviewd on

Unofficial writes "With superior grip and glide in any snow condition this is a perfect 10/10." Read the Review >>

Infidel & Onyx on's Gear We Like

Mike from Mountain Life kicks off with "The G3 Infidel/Onyx is the lightest setup I’ve used for touring. The ski was agile, responsive and fun to play with." Read the Review >>

New G3 ENZO Featured in Outdoor USA

Stay tuned for the G3 ENZO coming fall 2012.

G3 Alpinist Gets Four Stars on Elevation outdoors

A great review of G3's industry leading climbing skins, with quotes like "The Alpinists are the best all-nylon skin I’ve used in terms of glide." and "I’d call them four-star glide, four-star durability, excellent workmanship." Read the Review >>

Spirfire LT Well-Received on

Regular contributor and BC skier Lee Lau has finally found a replacement for his favourite spring touring ski. Read the Review >>


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