More Kudos for Alpinist Skins

We're glad to see is a fan of G3's flagship Alpinist Climbing Skins, and as they suggest in the opening line, who wouldn't be? Their skins review hones in on the advantages of the Alpinist's superior gliding plush, secure tip and tail attachment systems, and smallest but not least; the well-thought and easy to use trim tool.

On the subject of glide, they note "Thread count on the plush of the alpinist is noticably lower than normal. The net effect is two fold. Most noticeable is the improvement in glide over most other nylon skins. Too early to tell in my test regimen to say if it equals mohair, but glide is certainly at the high end of what synthetic skins can do, and perceptibly better out of the box compared to a Colltex 65/35 mixed plush."

On the trim tool, they explain "Though it isn’t the skin itself, G3′s skin trimming tool deserves a special mention. Most skin trimmers are just cheap envelope openers with a custom logo on them. To trim skins symmetrically you must actually offset placement of the skin to either side an extra 2-3mm when trimming so your edges will be exposed when all is said and done. Not so with G3′s tool. Simply center the skin on your skis and the trimming tool takes care of trimming the skin a few millimeters inside the edges of your skis so they are perfectly trimmed with a lot less effort."

Sometimes the difference is in the details.

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