New Year's Resolutions For Backcountry Goodness

2016 has arrived in style, and we are looking forward to the remainder of another amazing winter season. The West coast of North America has been getting the goods, and we can only hope there is more to come from now until springtime. Well, actually we can do more than just hope. Straight from the mouths of some of our favourite G3 ambassdors, here are some New Year's resolutions to help make the most of this season. 

Jasmin Caton, ACMG, Valhalla Mountain Touring

"Ski more mountains in more lands."

First stop: Japan. Yep looks like it was worth the trip.
Jasmin Caton

Joey Vosburgh, ACMG Splitboard Guide

"When we have good stability you tend to let your guard down. Constant vigilance to changing weather and conditions (in the mountains or on the roads) remains my New Years resolution."

Christina Lustenberger

Lynsey Dyer, Freeskier

"Slow down and get to know the mountains more intimately on my own two feet (i.e. self propelled). Let the suffer fest begin and be appreciated with every step. (And may every step be a little easier thanks to good gear)."

Joe Stock, AMGA / IFMGA Mountain Guide, Stock Alpine

"My New Year's backcountry resolution will be to pause and think before diving into each run. Standing there on the ridge, I will create what researcher Ian McCammon calls a Pre-mortem. I'll ask myself, "If this slope avalanches, what clues would I have missed?" It's picking out the dumb mistakes from my imagined obituary and correcting those mistakes before they happen. Sounds grim, but it works!"

Pause and reflect
Pause and reflect
Joe Stock
Drop in with confidence.
Joe Stock

James McSkimming, Freeskier

James didn't actually send us a New Year's resolution with this image, but if we had to guess, he's trying to say "Blow more things up and ski more powder." Coming from James, a keen young ski patroller on Blackcomb Mountain, that's probably a pretty good resolution. 

Happy New Year from the backcountry
James McSkimming

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