Show Skin 2014 Winner Is...

If you've made it to the first sentence of this article, you've already seen more of Bret Shandro's rear end than you wanted or needed. We received a lot of inspiring and entertaining #G3ShowSkin posts this season, but Bret took the cake with this submission. Congratulations Bret, you're the lucky winner of this year's G3 Show Us Some Skin Contest! You just scored yourself a G3 Black Sheep Splitboard, G3 Alpinist High Traction Splitboard Skins, and a G3 SpadeTECH Shovel. Not bad for a simple moment of 'bare' bliss in the backcountry, eh?

Despite the many creative entries, how could we have given it to anyone else really? This image has all the ingredients of a winner:

  • Skin, lots of it. In -25C temps in Rogers Pass no less!
  • G3 skins in the field.
  • Little lego man mimmicking the pose.
  • High alpine, snowy backcountry scenery.

Bret claims he was just killing some time while waiting for friends to catch up on the skin track, but we're pretty sure he was overwhelmed by the surrounding nature, compelling him to become one with it.

Thank you to everyone who shared or participated in the #G3ShowSkin project. It's always amazing to see the variety of people and places that connect with G3 skins in the backcountry.

Runner Ups

We'd also like to acknowledge the Runner Up entrants, all of whom will ski away with some fresh swag and casual wear from G3.

Erik Mauer's G3 at night...

G3 contest veteran Zanny Venner, doing some backcountry waxing...

Bill Madej's sunrise on Mt Hood...

Tim & Teresa recycled G3 expedition skins into a well-maid bikini. Well played.

@Keenkilla doesn't let a little concrete stand between him and the goods...

@NikGran7 on the road to home...

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