Show Us Some Skin - Winner Announcement

In an effort to showcase the wide (or should we say wild) variety of skiers and riders using G3 Climbing Skins and the places they take them, the Show Us Some Skin project was born. The premise was simple: head out into the backcountry, do something inspiring, creative, adventurous or just plain awesome with your climbing skins, take a picture, and share it. Oh, and of course if you paid homage to the 'Show Us Some Skin' namesake, bonus points were awarded. We at G3 were thrilled to see all the creative and aesthetic photo submissions that came streaming in, and are proud to have contributed to these hilariously good experiences in the backcountry.

Overall Winner

Feel free to keep the #G3ShowSkin tagged photo submissions coming all season long, but we did promise to hook someone up with a pair of High Traction Alpinist Climbing Skins, Carbon Speed TECH 190 Probe, and SpadeTECH Shovel. While we thought it was a tight race between our favourite 15 submissions, the people have spoken... making it pretty clear that this bold photo was by far the crowd favourite. Congratulations to Lena, Linda and Courtney! The best part is that local legend John Baldwin who submitted the photo didn't even know about the contest! Perhaps the ladies did, but either way, this is an instant classic! Thanks for the effort.

Honourable Mentions

While almost every submission was unique, these 4 submissions stood out from the pack and could have easily taken the win...

Owl G3 photo shoot submitted by Sean Henry. This clearly took some serious effort and creativity. His description read "Telemarking, hairstylist meets photo contest. Our inspiration for this shoot was an Owl in the backcountry. Hope you enjoy it took over 3 hours to put this image together. Thankfully the skins were dry from a 2 hour tour the day before."
Tony Aadland takes the saying "Can't hurt yourself in the air" to new heights. Let's hope he stomped it. Wow.
'Skin Trappers' by Jenny Rustemeyer. Why didn't we think of that?
Sure there's only 1 of her (compared to 3 in the winners' photo), but let's put this into perspecive: brave soul Zanny Venner isn't a step away from the warmth of a snowcat. She's at the top of Mt Decker in the Whistler backcountry, skinning, and it's -15C! Hats off to Zanny for this bold photo. We thought she had the win for sure. It's safe to say she's 'winning' in general, if she can do this in -15C and look that happy.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the project, and like we said, feel free to keep showing some skin. Just tag it #G3ShowSkin and we'll share it. We love seeing where G3 skins have taken you.

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