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Skins and Tombstones

As a part of G3 & Powder Magazine's 'Show Us Some Skin' project this past month, we've been asking you all about what cool places your G3 skins have taken you lately.

OK, well maybe we've encouraged you to actually 'show some skin' as well. But going back to that first point about where they've taken you, we think this one ranks high on the list.

Whistler based pro skier Dave Gheriani just got back from a ski mountaineering trip in the incredibly unique Tombstone Range in Canada's Yukon. It was waaaaay too cold to show any skin, but he did share these few pics of his surroundings, and reported that "They performed admirably! I even left them on overnight a couple of nights and I never had any issues with them sticking, despite temps dropping as low as -30. That place is amazing!  Truly the trip of a lifetime."

So like we said before, where have your skins taken you lately?

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