Skins for Every Man, Woman, and Child!

"You want what, and why?!?". That's the reaction you might expect to get when you walk into the company headquarters of a ski manufacturer, and as them to build a custom one-of-a-kind climbing skin product to fit your quirky omni-directional hand-made skis. But lucky for Sheldon from Garywayne Skis and Gord from Powder Mountain Catskiing, they walked into just the right place. G3 has always been about solving problems and improving people's backcountry experience. Well that, and we just so happen to be the only people on the continent with a climbing skins production facility within 30 feet of the front Customer Service desk.

Keen for the challenge, G3's Adam Hoogeveen and Rob Moore set out on a morning distraction to solve Garywayne's climbing skin dilemna.  With complete reverse sidecut and reverse camber (in all directions), the skis demannded a short but super fat section of skin plush to match. 180mm at its widest, this ain't your average climbing skin! Then came the pointy tips at both ends of the ski, a problem G3's twin-tip connectors were quick to solve. And in the secret recipe of G3's lamination process, plus some quick and easy material trimming (with G3's trim tool), and wham, a new category of climbing skin was born.

We're looking forward to seeing some photo & video proof of these custom G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins in action as soon as the snow flies. Winter is near. Get your skins trimmed and we'll see you up there.

(Photos by Rob Moore)

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