SME in the Alps - Part 1 - Haute Route

SME guide and G3 Gear Ambassador Alex Geary was lucky enough to cap his season off with three weeks of ski guiding along some classic traverses in the Alps. Here's Part 1 of his trip report, in pictures...

After a great season at Selkirk Mountain Experience, we closed down the Durrand Glacier Chalet to head over to Europe for a few weeks of hut based ski guiding. Our first trip was the classic Haute Route. We started in Zermatt April 25th with perfect weather as we skied past the Matterhorn and on to the Schonbiel Hut for beers on the deck followed by an afternoon nap; my favourite afternoon routine.

The next 4 days we had stormy weather with enough wind and fog to keep us away from most of our planned summits, but we still made it to all of the huts.

Climbing the ladder to the Bertol Hut

After spending the night in Courmayeur, enjoying fine Italian food and some REAL coffee, we decided the weather was good enough to catch the tram up to Point Helbronner and ski to the Cosmiques Hut.

Roped skiing on the Geant Glacier, en-route to the Cosmiques Hut (3613m)

The last time I skied in Chamonix I was disappointed to miss out on skiing the Vallee Blanche, but our last day on the Haute Route the weather eased up enough to give us great skiing (and visibility) all the way to the bottom.

Skiing the Vallee Blanche

Next stop.... Glarus, Switzerland, where SME owner Ruedi Beglinger grew up! Trip report coming soon.

-Alex Geary,G3 Gear Ambassador

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