SME in the Alps - Part 3 - Berner Oberland

After a great week ski guiding the Haute Route (Part 1) and then Glarus, CH (Part 2), Alex Geary's guided wanderings continued. Lucky guy. Here's his trip report, in photos.

After spending another night in Glarus, we caught the train early up to the Jungfraujoch, “The Top of Europe”, and the start of a week on the Berner Oberland.

Angus with a couple of ladies on the Jungfraufirn. “Hey Ruedi, didn’t you say we have to wear harnesses on glaciers in Switzerland?”

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise at the Moenchs Hut and made our way up to the summit of Trurberg. The next day we woke up to perfect weather again at the Finsteraarhorn Hut as we set off for the Wannenhorn (3905m).

Skiing down the Wannenhorn

We were back on the Fiescher Glacier early, so we decided to go up to the Wyssnollen for another summit, and another run.

Alex skiing perfect corn on the Wyssnollen, Finsteraarhorn behind

The next day we all had mixed feelings about the marginal weather. On the one hand we were a bit disappointed because we couldn’t go and ski our objective, but on the other hand we were a little relieved to give our legs some much-needed rest. As we left the Finsteraarhorn Hut thefog briefly lifted, so Ruedi made a last second decision to head up to the Aggassiz Horn. This was one of the most serious glaciers we’d traveled so far, with beautiful icefalls and huge, thinly bridged crevasses making good route finding essential.

The next day leaving the Konkordia Hut was a no-brainer, heavy wet snow and fog meant we were definitely not going up any peaks today.

Walking down the stairs from the Konkordia Hut to the glacier 150 vertical meters below

Our second to last day on the Berner Oberland we headed up the Aebni Flue in perfect weather. The summit was a grand panorama including Mt Blanc, Jungfrau, Eiger, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

A group following us up the Aebni Flue, with the Little Aletschhorn behind.

Our last day we were very lucky to be able to ski down the Lang glacier all the way to the parking lot…… well…….. sort of.

The last creek crossing before the parking lot.

Rued continued on for another week on the Berner Oberland with guests before we meet up in Revelstoke for our last ski trip for the season; a traverse from Mt Holway to the Durrand Glacier with lots of peaks along the way (Northern Selkirks). This will be the first time I’ve done a traverse in remote glaciated terrain with all the camps and food pre-cached, meaning we get to ski with daypacks everyday, sweet! Trip report coming when I'm back.

Alex Geary-G3 Gear Ambassador

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