Summer Ski Testing - It's Always Winter Somewhere

On the eve of the Northern Hemisphere's ski season, we're throwing it back to this summer when the Southern Hemi was our best chance for some quality 'field work'. With a fresh batch of prototype skis and no fresh snow in the Northern Hemisphere, G3 president Oliver Steffen jumped on as good an excuse as any to head to Chile for summer skiing. Our newest ski designer Sigi Rumpfhuber wasn't going to miss his first chance to inject his lifetime of skiing experience into G3 skis, so from the opposite side of the Northern Hemisphere, he too jumped on a plane and the duo reconvened in the peaks surrounding Santiago. It turned out the planes weren't the only things screaming through the air. Winds had scoured the resorts and backcountry through and through, but the mixed bag of snow conditions was a perfect stomping ground for G3's new test-piece... a go-anywhere frontcountry or backcountry weapon.

The insights from the trip have since worked their way deep into the specs and character of this new ripper of a ski that we're proud to be launching in January. The rest is a blurr of high winds, alpine dogs, camaraderie and Chilean hospitality. We'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Home base for the trip. Resort hot laps and endless touring just outside the BOUNDARY.
Weather protocols; a typical routine. Sigi frequents four different weather sources to develop an understanding of the situation and patterns. But hey, after flying across the globe, the skiing was going to happen regardless of weather.
Another windy morning above Valle Nevado. Anthony Chahal photo.
Cerro El Polmo and surroundings. Anthony Chahal photo.
Oliver breaking trail on another windy day.
Sigi scoring some goods, with Dolomite-like walls. Anthony Chahal photo.
The best tuning knowlegde comes from race tuners. Sigi tuned the skis to race standards, then detuned them to backcountry standards. He was looking for a slightly higher base bevel and rounded rocker and taper zones.
Railing through windcrust mixed with pow.
Serious ski compression test, or sucker test?
Only in Chilel. True powder hounds just roaming the alpine.

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