Summer Slush

Good to see G3 staff and friends continuing to get out on the snow this summer, just for the fun of it. Here's a post sent to us by Michael Vorhies. Where has everyone else been getting their fix of summer snow?

I spent my first days of summer camping and skiing in the Mount Baker National Forest with G3 product engineer, Eric Simon, and friend Léandre Bérubé. With a base camp set up on the shores of the North Fork Nooksack River, our trio slapped on skins and departed from the Heather Meadows parking lot of the Mount Baker Ski Area to stretch our legs and investigate the extent of the summer snowpack.

We quickly found we were not alone. Numerous other skiers, split boarders, dogs and hikers had made their way up and over the sun cupped and rilled slopes to Artist Point. People were relaxing on a few of the exposed rock outcrops and the rumors were running rampant as to an unprecedented early opening of the road set for the fourth of July weekend! However, the snow removal equipment sat quietly over the weekend, not even having reached bare pavement. An exploration along the ridgelines revealed a decently smooth north aspect slope that provided a fun run down to the base of the ski resort.

It was here that we ran into a group of eight guys and as many dogs milling about a turquoise melt-water pond. With the new Daft Punk album playing in the background everyone tested out their pond skimming abilities to which G3’s skis preformed flawlessly. It was a great little warm up to the unofficial Slush Cup set to be held at Mt Baker on June 29 th - a continuation from the original event set up by the Koma Kulshan Ski Club on July 4, 1948.

The day was capped off with some river-chilled beverages and steaks cooked over the fire. Relaxing on the banks of the river, a warm breeze rustled the alders and willows as we watched the bats swooping, diving and making a surprising amount of chatter as the ‘Super’ moon slowly flooded the river valley with light.


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