"Bagging Lines, Dawn 'Till Dusk"

Tantalized By Tantalus

There we sat, perched amid the most beautiful ski lines in the region. They were so close you could poke a stick at them, yet most were still out of safe reach.  It was April 30, the sun's heat was raging, and we literally watched the end of winter 2013/14 in real time, high def. What was steep and deep winter snow only days earlier was oozing into summer schmoo chunder balls faster than we could scope safe lines to ski. Well, faster than most of us, but not faster than James McSkimming. Skim was ready for battle.

True to it's namesake, the Tantalus Range's alluring peaks and steep descents sit tantalizingly close to Squamish, BC skiers' and snowboarders' backyards. But like the mythical greek character who sat helplessly out of reach of fresh fruit and water, local skiers rarely set foot across the Squamish River to indulge in the endless lines Tantalus has on tap. And when they finally do, like on McSkimming's maiden attempt, BC's wild coastal weather can slip the dream right out from under your feet. Early winter boasts crevasse-riddled run-outs, mid winter touts unsuitably stormy weather for the terrain, and spring... well, it's great until April 29 apparently.

"James wasn't leaving without a taste of Tantalus spring tapas..."

But unlike the poor sap from Greek myth, James wasn't leaving without a taste of Tantalus spring tapas. Armed with light gear, local mountain savvy, and a season worth of ski-leg warm up, he set out on a mission to pluck some beauty lines before summer robbed us completely of winter.

What ever happened to that thing called spring anyway?

James on Serratus.
Nate Smith (Frame Grab)
Opening it up to get out of the schmoo.
Nate Smith (Frame Grab)
Summer sun wasn't going to melt this ice wall.
Nate Smith (Frame Grab)

Keeping things within his comfort and safety threshold, he made the most of it from dawn till dusk, until, undeniably, the sun set on another fun winter in BC's Coast Range.

The sun sets on winter 2013/14. Literally.
Jamie Bond / Doglotion Media

Literally the next day it was tank tops, beaches and bikes for almost 5 straight months of summer weather – unheard of in a damp place like Squamish, BC. Summer was so nice that most people forgot winter exists. But not McSkimming. He and the rest of the crew had finally gotten a taste of Tantalus, and are still flashing back to last April, daydreaming about a comeback tour this winter.

Nothing like a good ol' iPhone panorama for future daydreaming.
Jamie Bond / Doglotion Media

Speaking of flashbacks, what else is instagram good for?

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