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What Is G3 University?

Glad you asked. G3 University is a free online learning platform created by G3 to help you amplify your winter backcountry experience. The ever-growing collection of entertaining and educational lessons - in both blog and video format - spans a broad spectrum of winter backcountry topics from intro level skin care tips to advanced snow travel techniques.

G3 Engineers, UIAGM/ACMG/AMGA-certified guides and G3 Team members share tips and tricks that are intended to improve/increase knowledge around all things backcountry and, ultimately maximize your fun, safety and experience.

Use G3 University lessons as an opportunity to gain perspective/insights and get you interested in learning more about the subject, or for experienced backcountry users to refresh their skills. G3U courses and lessons should not be considered replacements for in-person safety/mountaineering courses nor eliminate the need for continuous field practice.


Backcountry Basics - Take your first steps into backcountry. Enjoy our basic tips but be sure to get educated with saftety courses and frequent practice.

Gear Knowledge - Knowing how your gear works and what differences each little change makes helps you select the right gear and get the most out of it.

Climbing Skin Care - Love your climbing skins so they love you back.

Skin Track Tips - Dial in your skills on the climb so you can go deeper into the backcountry.

Ski Mountaineering - Refine your technical skills to improve your ski mountaineering safety and efficiency.

Expedition & Trip Tips - Make the most of your upcoming hut trip or multi-day traverse.

Splitboard - Improve your splitboarding game for bigger days and better lines.

Backcountry Safety - Refresh your avalanche safety skills and backcountry best practices.

Where Else Is the Content?

Our G3 University page is the central hub of the campaign, but you can keep an eye out for tips, tricks, factoids, and teasers on G3's Facebook, G3's instagram, and G3's Youtube Channel. Search for #G3U and #G3University. 

Enjoy and Share

We encourage you all to immerse yourselves in the content, share it around, ask us questions, ask your ski partners questions, advance your safety and mountain skills training, and practice practice practice. 

Step Outside. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.

Julia Niles, IFMGA, showing Lynsey Dyer the ropes around Joffre Peak, BC, Canada.
Jamie Bond / Doglotion.com

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