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Managing Avalanche Uncertainty

"It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so."—Mark TwainBackcountry skiers thrive on the unfamiliar: new places, new challenges,


Learning from Close Calls

The fastest way to learn about avalanches is to almost get nailed by one. Not killed or hurt, just really scared. Where you can brush off the dust, thank Ullr, and micro-analyze the shit out of what h...


Five for Five on Guide's Day Off

Lucky for me, this winter in Southcentral has been different. The early season had no snow. On free days we ice climbed like fiends. 2,000-foot gullies up the sides of mountains. Then it began snowing...


G3 Athlete Joe Stock's New Book 'The Alaska Factor'

Alaska is a BIG, BIG place, with more ski touring terrain than you could ski in a lifetime. How are we expected to decide where to ski and when? Luckily G3 athlete Joe Stock just released 'The Alaska...


Summer's Here. Where's Joe

When the snow stops falling and slush turns to dirt, the ski community tends to splinter and divert into all sorts of directions. Some skiers keep skiing anywhere they can find snow, others ride, clim...


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