Summer's Here. Where's Joe

When the snow stops falling and slush turns to dirt, the ski community tends to splinter and divert into all sorts of directions. Some skiers keep skiing anywhere they can find snow, others ride, climb, kite or paddle, and some people just hang up their gear and start pounding nails to save up for next winter. Then when the first storms roll in, the community gathers and everything is as it should be. So what do G3 athletes and ambassadors get up to in the summer? We hit them each with short 'n sweet interviews to find out. First victim... Alasaka based IFMGA guide / writer / photographer Joe Stock.

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My best trip/mission this winter was...skiing perfect snow for 1,000 vertical meters through the 50-degree Peking King in the Western Chugach. Dreamy!

After a mind blowing trip, the first thing I do is…start obsessing about the next trip. Of course!

Winter's dead. Summer for me is all about...mountain running, packrafting and a vacation from Alaska to rock climb.

If I’m feeling unmotivated, I usually…go for a half-day mountain run that tires me physically, yet kick starts my motivation.

When the snow comes back, I'm already visit the countless corners of Southcentral Alaska that I've never seen.

The G3 gear I most eager to get my hands on...more Alpinist Skins. They are the best in the world!

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