Sharing Joey's Stoke For Splitboarding

Winter 2014/15 so far has been dismal for many skiers and riders in western North America. But for those dedicated to getting the most out of every winter, it seems to be flying by in a blur of good times.

We've seen from our #G3getHIGHER contest that there's infinite ways to get pleasure and fulfillment from backcountry riding, and everyone seems to have a different spin on it.

For G3 splitboarder Joey Vosburgh, this winter has been all about sharing the stoke and knowledge of backcountry snowboarding with friends, clients and up 'n comers. Between his days at Selkirk Tangiers and Licketysplitboarding with Capow he's had plenty of opportunity to share the love.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, we're going to just let some of his shots from the field tell a story here. Click the camera icon for photo captions. 

Steve Zorn taking the lead as the Licketysplitboarding group heads towards Overlook.
Joey Vosburgh
Two splitters and a whole lot of space. Triangle Moraine, Rogers Pass, BC.
Joey Vosburgh
Just the tips.
Joey Vosburgh
Rob Fagan on Cleaver, Rogers Pass, BC.
Joey Vosburgh
The stoke spreading seems to be working.
Joey Vosburgh

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