The Blurry Line

Action removes the blurry line dividing fantasy and reality. Our dissatisfaction from the working predictability in our lives is often soothed by a non-specific fantasy of getting away from it all. Soothed by the possibility of immersing ourselves in something entirely different from everyday life. So often, these dreams remain just that, a vision without action. We don’t get tired, we don't feel cold, we don't get wet, we don't bother. We also don't experience the mind bending, teeth numbing epileptic exhilaration of actually doing something. Realizing that your newfangled shell doesn't actually keep you dry when its snowing 3cm an hour. Finally skiing snow so deep your reverse cambered, double-wide schuss sticks start to work like they were meant to. Discovering moonlight is sometimes better than flat light. This is real. The glory and exhilaration grounded by the hard and the challenging. This brings the moments, soul stirring and invigorating. This brings the rewards. This is the difference between being a tourist and a traveler.

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