Personally, I am very inrtrigued by the human condition. How we intereact with each other and how the environment shapes us and builds the manner in which we relate to other.

Most of the interesting things milling about in my head come from moments travelling through the mountians or moving in some other physical enviroment. The strongest and most profound intereactions I have had with others have been formed from moments initiated from physicality.

The inspiration for many of these thoughts comes from working as a guide at my ski lodge deep in the British Columbia backcountry. It is called Whitecap and more info can be found at

My relationship with G3 has been strong since the inception of my operation and I have benefitted greatly from G3 support. I have participated in numerous testing regimes and added my 2 cents to some of the designs they have come up with. Recently I have been very stoked with the direction they are moving in with ski and binding design.

I'm always fascinated with the reasons we choose to do what we do. What do we value as necessary in our lives?

What are the important moments and experiences?

In some manner or another we are all searching for fulfillment. 

When I reflect on past seasons an interesting pattern emerges.

It is generally assumed that skiing is what draws people to Whitecap. With some of the best snow and terrain imaginable, it’s easy to see why. But remarkably, this is not what people cite as the most important factor for coming back.

Whitecap is an opportunity to step back to the basics. A place where time expands and slows down. A chance to embrace the soul and balance out the challenge - reward ratio so skewed in everyday life. It is about being close to nature. It is only thinking about the next step. It is the shared experience, living together, eating together, talking, laughing, connecting.

The calm of knowing that the simple bliss of moving amongst mountains is the only item on the agenda. 

The simple life.

Our activities respond to our need for something more profound.

The basic act of skiing becomes more. It becomes our culture. 

This defines us. These are the rituals that bring deeper meaning to our existence and somehow this ridiculous and wonderful dance that we call skiing really counts for something more.

We have some incredible opportunities at Whitecap this season.

Please checkout the website for more information on the Cold Smoke Women's Series Jan 2-9 2010. We are really stoked to be able to host this program and encourage anyone interested to get in touch with us at

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