Face Shots- Japanese Style

Sushi, Sake, Soaking and of course Skiing.  Who would think  there is more to Japan than Sushi, Hello Kitty , fast trains and cherry blossoms?  Ross Matlock ( International Mountain Adventures ) and myself (Babes in the Backcountry) just returned from a 12 day Japanese Powder Extravaganza with 4 spirited AT and Tele backcountry enthusiasts.

Trip Summary: 7 of backcountry skiing, 7 days of face shots, 5 days of blower-choking, 4 tram rides, 6 out of 7 days of green light snow stability, 2 bluebird days, touring with my G3 Alpinist Elle skins  past active volcanos with steam rising up through the snow, sushi and sake daily, fireworks on my birthday, ice and snow scluptures in Sapporo, Onsen's 1-2 x/day- hot springs,  bizarre japanese style breakfasts (which kept up nurished throughout the morning), Clif shot and rock bloks ( yeh mountain berry), chocolate covered strawberries, gorp, salmon jerky, Elemental herbs lip balm,  5 out of 7 days in my PG merino wool long johns and Patty Powderbowl pants, 7 days with my BD Avalung ( just in case- and as a snorkle) floating on my zests, touring in my Scarpa Wn T1's,  climbing with my targa ascents,  Lengthen and shortening my BD carbon fiber poles on each climb and descent, packing and unpacking my BCA Valhalla, braving the cold (-4 degrees F @ everyday- yes that is 4 below F),  wrapped in my Pistil wool scarf (worked much better than any balaclava),  2 pair of Smith Heiress goggles,  Bridgedale socks, lots of sign language, planes, trains and automobiles and of course tons of fun and laughs.

Photos and trip reports will be filtering in over the next couple weeks.  If you still have some vacation time this year...its worth the 12 hour plane ride. To take a peak at one of our Japanese tripper's blog, photos and video: Click Here.  After viewing...pencil in Hokkaido for next February with Babes and IMA.

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