Epic defined...

  After a long "June"uary and then spring in February, we have started to see more consistent snow fall here in the Northern Sierra. Last week we saw three feet of fresh snow blanket Tahoe. I thought that I'd missed the goods from this storm for sure. The snow came, then the bluebird powder day along with the baking spring sun. As I dropped a friend off at the slopes on my way to work I watched out my car window as the first chair crew gobbled up first tracks. From most reports I heard, it was good but I had missed it. But lady luck often appears out of nowhere. I showed up to the ASI Backcountry Adventure Center ready to guide folks around the Sugar Bowl side-country but no one signed up. Then my two good friends, Craig Dostie and Peter Leh, just happened to be at the center as well and have the day off. After our first two out of bounds turns I knew that I'd hit the proverbial jackpot. The sun had not been as strong and the people had not skied as much as I thought. Such a gift: good friends and blower powder! Somehow it makes every turn all the sweeter when it comes as a surprise. Now, I have had some amazing days out in the snow and skied all over  the world, so "epic" doesn't come hastily for me. Today, however, as I grinned ear to ear skiing blower powder in the sierra, "epic" escaped my lips more than a couple of times.

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