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Good Decisions Are Made With Good Information

Amidst the Avalanche Awareness Days happening this month, we've been connecting with each of G3's ambassadors to share some of their personal tips for playing safe in the backcountry. Here's our latest from IFMGA/ACMG guide Marc Piche. Short and sweet, but important... 

"Good decisions are made with good information.  Gathering this info starts at home with your local avalanche bulletin (consider sharing any relevant observations you have too), talking to other backcountry users, keeping your eyes and mind open on the drive and, all day long while out there in the mountains.

Despite best intentions, we sometimes still make bad decisions.  Make sure you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket - tell someone where you are going, ski one at a time and always check that your motivation is appropriate for the condition."

To Marc's suggestion of information sharing, Canadian backcountry enthusiasts can now participate in Avalanche Canada's Mountain Information Network, as well AvaTech's new Avanet network which is relevant to skiers and riders outside of Canada as well. 

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