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10,000 Feet Before Lunch

It seems like everyone got snow last week but us in Revelstoke. Being quite impatient and wanting to get some time on the skis for fitness but also for the amazing feeling of sliding on powder, we decided this past weekend to head up a sure value at this time of the year; The Asulkan Valley at Rogers Pass.

On our skis at 8:00 am, there was just enough coverage on the low elevation summer trail to let us get by on skis. As we reached the Mouse Trap, we were thinking that the ski down would be quite entertaining. Moving at a good consistent pace to get some good training in, we reached the cabin in no time and found ourselves in a semi-whiteout at the bottom of the “Seven Steps to Paradise” in less than 2 hours. We set a track up to the headwall and from there, we lapped and lapped and lapped again and again until we dropped.

Not keeping an eye on the altimeter, it was amazing to later see that we had done close to 3000m of climbing in such little time. By 1:00pm we were on our way down to have an executive lunch at the Asulkan cabin before heading back down the valley. My apologies to the group of 6 that stayed in the Cabin that day, we kinda tracked the zone a bit. Fortunately, there’s a lot of terrain up there!

The ski conditions were really good up high, a bit wind affected above the cabin but really good and filled in in the tree triangle. Thank you to my ski buddy Igor Bernas who is as willing to keep going as I am! And you, what have you been up to this weekend?

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