Cabin Life - Europe Here We Are

Back in 2011 when we last travelled to Europe to take part in the World Championships in Claut, Italy, an idea came to mind. What if we would come back to Europe and spend a full season racing in the World Cup circuit and explore the Alps and the Pyrenees while we're at it?

After playing with the idea back and forth, but also getting financially and physically ready, we made our 2-year dream come true. Still in the holiday spirit, we boarded the plane direct to Geneva from where we took a quick train to Albertville. Our host and friend Andre Dugit (former director of the International Ski Mountaineering Federation) was awaiting at the station to offer us food and a great night of rest.

A day of resetting ourselves and figuring out a couple of logistic items, we took a twisty, narrow, scarry,… I guess typical European road up to what will be our home for the next couple of months. We found nothing less then a super nice French Chalet on the side of the hill at 1000m in the Beaufortain. Since we arrived in the darkness, we were far from imagining what sort of view was actually waiting for us when morning came. While getting breakfast and the morning wood fire ready, I opened the kitchen shutters to unveil a spectacular picture-like image of Mont Blanc. It was probably the best breakfast ever!

With our stomachs full and our excitement to the max, we took our little boards, walked for 300m then started to skin under sunny skies. Only 90 minutes later we were standing on our first summit (La Roche Pourrie). With a 360 degree view of the surroundings, we could not help but smile imagining all the ski and adventure possibilities from our backdoor!

We kept on walking above the thick cloud cover gaining a second summit (Pointe St-Jean) from where we witnessed the sun lowering at the horizon. Happy and excited (even if still jet lagged), we returned to our little cozy chalet and dreamed of the missions to come and the amazing 4 months of racing and playing ahead.

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