A Day at the Beach or Mountain Mini-Golf?

After a long season of racing and skiing which already includes over 100 days on the planks and over 20 events, the question was: is it time to take a small break from the white fluffy stuff and switch to summer activities or is it time for seeking the lines that have been haunting our dreams all winter? Well, every skier out there knows the answer. Once the weather was finally calling for sunshine, even if still tired and sore from the last ski mission, we took our winter weapons and went couloir slaying! (Main image: Roignais by Andre Dugit)

When we first did the tour of the Pierra Menta about a month ago, we could not help but smile and giggle looking at some of the couloirs on our way out. We decided on that mid April day to walk back into the long flat valley to see if the 2 main lines of the area were ready to be skied… and were they ever! After a two hour approach in what felt like a shooting gallery, we had a few doubts. As we started to walk up towards the Roignais, it became clear that the line was not only ready to be skied but it was going to be in deep, stable powder all the way. Making for a harder bootpack, the idea of the turns to come gave the extra energy to push through.

The couloir itself was a good sustained 50 degree with a 55 degree section at the top for about 200m. It was not the most technical but certainly delectable!

Photo courtesy of Andrew Mcnab

High from a magnificent descent, we decided to head to the top of our second powder coated objective: La Breche de Gargant.

Photo courtesy of Andre Dugit

The couloir was not as steep as anticipated but was really aesthetic. For some extra enjoyment, we reached the summit from the col of the “Breche” and enjoyed the view of the mythical Pierra Menta one more time before getting faceshots all the way down.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Mcnab

Back at the car smiling and thinking about April faceshots, a mountain mini-golf session was way more fun than a day at the beach!

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