Getting our BC Fix

G3 athlete Melanie Bernier has skipped to Europe for the next few months to represent Canada in a series of international ski mountaineering races. But like any passionate BC skier, she had to get her powder fix before leaving! Here's the update she sent as she hopped on the plane.

What a start to the season we had in British Columbia. Day #1, back in mid-October, seems like such a long time ago now.

With a focus on getting ready for a long season of racing in Europe, volume has been the “magic word” for us for the last 2-1/2 months. Fortunately with the amazing amount and quality of snow we were getting in Revelstoke, it wasn't a torture to ski as much as possible. Actually the only torturous part was deciding when to end the ski days in BC, because we just kept on going for just one more run! Also knowing that the European snowpack is typically quite different then the Monashees or the Selkirks, we needed to get our BC fix in order to enjoy the potentially icy, bombproof slopes!

Just before our departure, BC got a few dry days and amazing stability, which allowed us to ski some nice objectives and visit our local mountains under blue skis a few more times. Powder, sunshine and stability, what else can you ask for? The blessing from our local mountain ranges to go explore elsewhere maybe?

39 backcountry ski days later, 220,000 ft of climbing and countless faceshoots, flying overseas nolonger felt like we would be missing out as much anymore. Filled with dreams about skiing in the Alps, doing some great traverses and daytrips and covering a large amount of terrain through racing, we smile thinking about our days training in deep powder.

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