Recipe for a great Cake Day!

G3's superstar skimo athlete Melanie Bernier used to send us recipes for tastey treats to enjoy in the backcountry. But since her new G3 Cakes arrived in the mail, seems like she can't shake the good times from her mind. And hence, her latest recipe is of course... a Cake recipe...

Here is a great recipe that is both healthy and good for the soul. It involves very little preparation and will provide hours of enjoyment!

  1. Take 2 or 3 great friends and put them in a car.
  2. Take a pair of G3 Cake skis and carefully place them in a ski box (can substitue a ski rack or trunk as well).
  3. Add ski boots, poles, avalanche safety gear and the new G3 High Traction Skins and drive until you reach destination.
  4. Walk up to your favourite peak, preferably on fresh, untouched snow.  Soak in the moment.
  5. Once at the top, carefully remove the skins and proceed to float gentily on the fluffy white surface, taking the time to enjoy every second.
  6. Repeat the last 2 steps as many times as possible for best results.

The best thing about this Cake recipe is that it’s applicable in any snow conditions and will certainly provide you with endless fun. With 110mm underfoot, it sure won’t drown in deep BC Interior snow or in heavier coastal snowpacks, and holds an edge in the Rockies snow conditions. Their light weight also save you from returning to the car with dead legs, encouraging you to go for just one more run. The cake may be part of the Women’s line-up of G3 skis but it’s very suitable for strong and aggressive skiers… great skis with no compromises. Soundslike a perfect recipe to me!


Great Cake day on Rogers Pass.

Cakes on the up.

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