Road Trip Part 2: A Week of Wyoming

The new years celebrations we barely over that we were already on our way to the next phase of our road trip: a month of skiing in the States. While British Columbia is getting a lot of snow again this year, we can’t say the same about our friends from the south. We arrived the Jackson Hole Wyoming on January 5th where the grass and the rocks are barely covered. Still very optimistic about the situation and looking forward to ski mountaineering racing and exploring the Tetons, we decided not to worry too much.

Back to Back Race

Our journey in Wyoming started with back to back ski mountaineering events. First was the US Nation Ski Mountaineering Race at Jackson Hole on the Saturday. Even if physically prepared for the event, the change in elevation made racing very hard. The course itself was a very technical 8000’of climbing including 2 bootpacks. Tree of us Canadian were representing our Nation (Andrew McNab, Niall Gleeson and myself). It was a really difficult event but it was great to ski Jackson on icy/sun-crusted condition in a race scenario. Get the Full Results >>

The following day we traveled an hour away from Jackson for another ski mountaineering event. The Grand Targhee Classic took the racers through a really nice race course over 5000’ of vertical gain. There again, the conditions were slightly hard and icy but we made the most of it!

Get the full results >>

2nd place at Grand Targhee2nd place at Grand Targhee

Recovery and GO!

Following two pretty strong effort days, we enjoyed some recovery time and made plans for the days to come to actually go skiing Teton Pass and explore what the Teton National Park has to offer. With the forecast calling for nothing but sunshine and wind, we decided that alpine missions would be appropriate. Thank you to our friend and great host Nathan Brown, he was great enough to share his local knowledge to help us discover his backyard. On the first day, we drove up Teton Pass and enjoyed a few laps of the well known Edelweiss Bowl and Glory Peak. That was our first introduction to the “mandatory bootpacking” Wyoming starts.

From there, on day two we decided to attempt the traverse from Teton Pass to Jackson Hole. This traverse covers 10 miles of mountain range which took us to multiple ridge lines and summits. We covered the distance in a respectable 6.5 hours. We finished the traverse with a nice descent down “No Shadown” and back to the ski area.

The sun hasn't set on our Teton trip yet though. Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon.

teton jackson traverse 3teton jackson traverse 3

Teton jackson traverse 2Teton jackson traverse 2

Teton jackson traverseTeton jackson traverse

End of traverse dropping inEnd of traverse dropping in

infidels in the tetons 2infidels in the tetons 2

first turns in Tetonsfirst turns in Tetons

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