Canadian Christmas with the Traslins

G3 ambassador Mike Traslin checked in with an account of his truely Canadiana Christmas. He should have thrown a few more "eh's" in there to really drive it home...

The past few Christmases my parents have made the 12 hour drive from Canmore, Alberta to visit my brother and I in North Vancouver. This year my family said; "Get your  "  " down here for the holiday. Packing for two weeks, I brought my ice hockey gear, G3 ZENOXIDE and MANHATTAN skis, ice climbing gear, presents, and too much of everything else I usually end up not needing. Stoked to arrive safely after driving all night, I spent the early morning of Christmas with family. But no Christmas is complete without some shredding. Later in the morning I headed out to Kananaskis Country (Black Prince) for some ski touring and afternoon powder. To cap a perfect Christmas Day, my brother Andy and I grabbed our ice hockey gear to play some local outdoor ice hockey in the town of Canmore. This day brought back memories of growing up in North Vancouver, when I would ski all day at Grouse Mountain, then head out to join my Ice Hockey team for a game. My Hockey coach would always ask: "Were you skiing today Mike?". You may have heard Canadians take Ice Hockey as seriousley as the Austrians and Swiss take ski racing, so my answer was always "NO".  But I have since figured out why sometimes I was moved from the first line to the second or third line... I had a ski goggle tan. Busted, and worth every minute of it.

Sun, 2012-01-01 02:00 - Traslin ski touring on ZenoxideTraslin ski touring on Zenoxide

Sun, 2012-01-01 02:38 - Mike Traslin skiingMike Traslin skiing

Sun, 2011-12-25 05:28 - hockey night in canadahockey night in canada

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