A Celebration of the G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins

And what adventure lies around the corner.

G3 athlete Mike Traslin had a blast a few weeks back, covering some serious ground on his skins in the Chilean Andes. He was so stoked on where his legs could take him that he ended up sending us some sort of 'ode to climbing skins'... Look, I know. Everyone wants to sled ski, heli ski, jet ski, skateboard with Tony Hawk and own a Monster Truck. Life is not that simple and easy, but it is still healthy to have dreams, no matter how big.  But there's an easier way to get the goods. Something most people have is heart, desire, & motivation. And most side country and backcounty skiers have a set of skins that to get them to the pow and back. Do yourself a favour and put away about 20 dollars a month, or skip two days of lift ticket purchases, and boom you have a set of skins. With climbing skins many doors open, even for the mere mortal. All you need is passion and some lungs. Now open the door and start walking, skinning, and breathing. Adventure is just around the corner.

Tue, 2013-07-23 14:47 - Chile, Andes. skier Mike Traslin photo Andy TraslinChile, Andes. skier Mike Traslin photo Andy Traslin

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