Andy Traslin in Chile, making the most of another month earning turns all year.
Mike Traslin

100 Months and Counting

Earning Your Turns - 100 Months in a Row

From suncups to blower pow, huge peaks to bunny hills, North Vancouver brothers Mike and Andy Traslin have been consecutively earning their turns every month of the year for the past... wait for it... 100 months. They're not alone in the endless pursuit of 'turns all year', but they sure are passionate about it. The quest for earning your backcountry 'turns all year' is especially popular with zealous skiers and riders in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and of course here at home in BC. With huge peaks holding snow year round, especially the Cascade Volcanoes, it almost makes you wonder why every skier doesn't do it? 

Like Mike says in our Turns All Year webisode, if you're really jonesing for some ski turns in the fall, why wait? Just go do it!

In celebration of Mike & Andy's 100th month, and hopefully 100's more to come, here is a quick freeflow of thoughts from Mike, and some highlight images from the last 30 or so months. 

Andy Traslin celebrates 100 months
Mike Traslin

Turns All Year - 100 And Beyond

Earning your turns all year through thick and thin, powder, corn, ice, and rain - 100 months is a pretty good milestone for me.

Summer heat, October rain, January storms. Steady like a long distance runner. One foot in front of another. One ski boot at a time. Out there skiing for the adventure, whether conditions are prime or poor. On hill, up, down, skin, sweat, steep, jump turns, tuck it out, GS turns.

Avalanche reports, weather reports. Flat light, whiteouts, sun cups.

South America, USA , Canada, Cascades, Europe, Japan, Cham, La Grave.

Bike, work, commute, ski mountaineering race, beer league hockey, watch hockey, watch more hockey.

Summits, plummets, Mt Baker, Mt Fuji, first descents, Mt Logan St Elias (new ski lines), 20 Baker summits, 24 spearhead traverses.

84,000 ft chairlift skiing Grouse Mountain, car broken down, going nowhere fast.

Books and magazines. Replaced by Facebook and Twitter. Ski your favourite run to infinity.  Brief moment of flow! Freedom of the hills, expression, journey. Break trail. Follow trail.

Raw emotion, passion, obsession. Holy Sh*t! A Canadian company makes a lightweight tech binding.

Sleep eat, repeat.

Let it flow.

Andy Traslin looking daunted by the morning gear sort. Month 62. Mt Sahale, WA.
Mike Traslin
Mt Baker
Mike Traslin bagging another summit ski of Mt Baker, WA. Month 70.
Andy Traslin
Month 74
The trail to Sholes Glacier on Mt Baker, WA. Still plenty of walking to do. Month 74.
Andy Traslin
Mike Traslin making the most of pre season conditions in Whistler, BC. Month 75
Andy Traslin
Month 77
Mike Traslin in mid winter, month 77, at the Heartstrings in the Duffey Lake Road area, BC, Canada.
Andy Traslin
Month 82.
Andy Traslin seeking refuge. Chile. Month 82.
Mike Traslin
Month 90
Andy Traslin at home on the coast. Month 90.
Mike Traslin
Month 93
Mike Traslin late season corn carving in Japan amidst a trifecta peek bagging day. Month 93.
Andy Traslin

Let's finish off with a little throwback to month 95 on Mt Baker, WA, USA...

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