Flat Tours & Good Views

"Do not go" was the resounding sentiment, from a well intentioned Calgarian I had befriended at a local ski touring favourite "Black Prince" in the Kananaskis Country (Canadian Rockies)."Why Not" I responded.... "You guys are from BC where the skiing is steep and deep, Burstall Pass is boring and flat".  I have always been motivated by seeing what is around the next corner. That evening I checked the local weather forecast and avalanche conditions - clear weather, but a walk on egg shells snowpack."Steep and deep was out". Flat and boring then instead? Looks like Burstall Pass was in. My brother was hell bent on seeing the view of Mount Assiniboine anyway, so we made it happen. The next day rolled around, and soon enough it was evident we were in for a flat ski tour. This ski tour in a nutshell... "It may not compare to your first kiss, or the first time you did a hand plant at the local skateboard bowl, or called  out as MVP at a hockey tournament.... But the view of Mt Assiniboine was spectacular, and the quiet and peace was priceless."

Canadian Rockies....skier Mike Traslin....photo Andy Traslin....Canadian Rockies....skier Mike Traslin....photo Andy Traslin....

Canadian Rockies....photo Andy TraslinCanadian Rockies....photo Andy Traslin

Canadian Rockies....skier Mike Traslin....photo Andy TraslinCanadian Rockies....skier Mike Traslin....photo Andy Traslin

Canadian Rockies....skier Mike Traslin...photo Andy TraslinCanadian Rockies....skier Mike Traslin...photo Andy Traslin

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