Red Bull Divide & Conquer - Right in G3's Backyard

There's a lot of things to love about living in a temperate rainforest, and even if RAIN isn't on of them, the all-to-familiar precipitation makes for all sorts of other fun adventures. In the winter it yeilds some of the snowiest ski seasons on the planet, and its no coincidence that G3 headquarters are located right smack at the foot of the local mountains. But skiing isn't the only thing tap in G3'd backyard; leave it to Red Bull to showcase some of the other local wilderness adventures in true Red Bull style.

When G3 athlete Mike Traslin caught wind of a mountain bike, kayak and trail running adventure race right in his North Vancouver backyard, how could he pass it up? The Red Bull 'Divide and Conquer' adventure race went down on June 16, with a stacked field of 33 invited athletes (11 teams of 3). Mike pounced on the biking leg, while his teammates rounded out the paddling and trail running. They didn't take home the win, but had a damn good time trying. 

Somebody must have tipped off Mother Nature about the event, because the rainforest environment was churning out every signature condition it could; raging rivers, slippery riding, and muddy trails.

Local ripper and friend of G3, Ricky Federeau, hammered the biking section with the fastest time, helping his team (The Full Dudemen - Ricky Federeau, Mike Vin, Toby Roessingh) claim first place.

Keep an eye out for Mike and Ricky and other familiar faces in Red Bull's event video. And the next time you're complaining about the rain, just think of how much fun these guys are probably having.

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