Traslin's Can Am Challenge - Baker & Cheakamus!

Living in North Vancouver, you have Mt Baker and the Cascades just a few hours South in the USA, world class mountain biking out of your backyard, the Squamish Chief up the road for rock climbing, and less than than hours drive to Whistler Blackcomb.

So I hatched a small idea. If we get a perfect weather forecast (rare in the Cascades and Coast Mountains) let's celebrate where we live. Day 1  - climb and ski the Coleman Deming route of Mt Baker. Day 2 - Do the beautiful Spearhead ski traverse, and if the stars align, ski the North Face of Cheakamus Mountain.

Photo Mike TraslinMt Baker Day one....Can Am ChallengeDay 1 Mt Baker

To prepare for a trip like this, I have tried to make a habit of studying the weather forecast and avalanche stability. Or you could call it a lot of hurrying up and waiting for a two day weather window. Finally we got a good weather window and the stage was set for an amazing two days of ski touring.

Photo Andy TraslinSpearhead Trav. N .Cheakamus Day 2 Can Am ChallengeDay 2 Mt Cheakamus

Spearhead Trav. N Cheakamus Day 2 Can Am ChallengeSpearhead Trav. N Cheakamus Day 2 Can Am Challenge

There is no guarantees in the mountains. After all, we still seek adventure, and sucssess in the mountains is not just in achieving goals. It's about new experiences, meeting new people, and maybe a new sense of purpose and energy after returning to the real world.

Photo Andy TraslinSpearhead Trav. N. Cheakamus Day 2 Can Am Challenge.Dropping in to Cheakamus

Note.... Special thanks to Matty Richard, Tim Grey, and Dominic Melanson who unbeknowst to us had the same aspirations to ski Mt Cheakamus but started from Whistler Mountain (the other side of the traverse). Lucky for us they were friendly and set a good boot track up. Good vibes! Thanks for your humble offerings and gracious boot pack. 

Spearhead Trav. N. Cheakamus Can Am Challenge Day 2..Spearhead Trav. N. Cheakamus Can Am Challenge Day 2..Matty, Tim & Dom

-Mike Traslin

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