G3’s Women’s Specific Gear – Bring It On

By G3 Ambassador Wren McElroy

For the first time in my career as an avalanche professional I am skiing on women’s gear.  I have always thought that women’s lines were too soft and not rugged enough to be skied hard or solid enough to be worked on full-time. I work as a ski patroller at Whitewater ski area and teach avalanche courses for the Canadian Avalanche Association.I also love to ski.

The G3 Zest-T ski has me converted. The early rise tip makes it easy to ski in all kinds of conditions. I love its stability for carving and carrying speed. I find that to initiate a turn on the Zest –T is easy, I think about rolling my ankle and I’m on my way. In powder or on hard pack these skis are consistent, reliable and fun.

Combining the Zest-T with the G3’s new women’s Ruby AT binding has been very exciting.  A lightweight ski touring set up that I can ski hard – perfect!  The Ruby is easy to get in and out of, and the heel lifts are quick to rise with the tip of a ski pole.  I can’t spend time messing with my gear when I am working, I need to be able to rely on it in all conditions. 

As for my thoughts on ladies’ gear, bring it on!

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