Still Skiing

Andy and Mike Traslin are still out there skiing and keeping the spirit alive. gotta love it!

"Leaving north Vancouver at eleven thirty in the morning we made a quick stop at Costco to grab a box of energy bars and some loose food ends. With two spare days the destination was Glacier peak for a ski off the summit. After over three hours of driving we reached the town of Darrington,our last stop to buy anything we forgot. From here we headed south on the mountain loop highway towards road 20 to the start of the hike to Glacier peak. With no gear on our back we decide to check out the trail we were going to use to get to basecamp.Two hours of hiking I realized it was going to take at least6-8 hours of walking to get to basecamp.Some quick calculations in my mind had me thinking this pace will not get us to the summit and get my brother Andy back to work on time. Once back at my car we were a little dejected and tired, so we decided to drive back to Arlington for some Mexican food. With full stomachs, it was decided we would leave Glacier peak for anouther trip, but instead ski/climb boulder glacier on Mount Baker. After all part of our intentions were to keep the almost four years of turns all year going.

Just after midnight I found our car camp at boulder glacier. At 4am I woke my brother Andy with my petzl light, let's just say he was not impressed.Close to our start point it was a quick drive to 2700ft on road 1130/1131.Before we got going we decided to take a quick nap which turned into over three hours of sleep. Our alpine start became 9:30.Two hours of mud ,marsh and some bushwhacking we were on boulder ridge. By now our clear weather had become a whiteout. Our food break turned into my brother sleeping until 1pm.The weather on the boulder glacier route was becoming very unpredictable, the summit bid was out. Thankful to get some ski turns and beautiful views we had to be content with what we had.Sometimes you summit and some days you plummet, on this occasion we made it to 6000ft,over 4000ft short."

-Mike Traslin

Thu, 2009-07-23 12:22 - Andy Traslin photoMount Baker Boulder Glacier

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