Off-Season With Orry

We've been hunting down G3's athlete and ambassador team skiers to find out what floats their boat in the off-season. Second victim - Orry Grant, a Nelson, BC based avi tech and pro patroller and all around ripper. Here's 6 questions with Orry Grant. Remember, his answers, not ours ;)

My best trip/mission this winter was...The soon to be annual Asulkan early season hut trip.

After a mind blowing trip, the first thing I do is… Tasha.

Winter's dead. Summer for me is all about... Downhill Mountain biking... its an obsession. (too bad it hurts so much!)

If I’m feeling unmotivated, I usually… Embrace it- hit the snooze.

When the snow comes back, I'm already planning...Like I said, the annual Asulkan early season hut trip.

The G3 gear I’m most eager to get my hands on...a pair of Empires :)

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