Baker, Bike, Board, Beer

When a washout closes a road to a classic ski mountaineering line on Mt Baker, Pat Mulrooney finds other ways to get to the goods...

"Springtime is Volcano Time. The solid snow season we've had this season has set up Volcano season perfectly. April's weather can typically be hit or miss but this week-end everything lined up.

The Glacier Creek forest service road 39 that leaves the Mt Baker highway has been closed from a washout since fall 2015. The forest service has gated and locked the road at mile one which has made access to the popular Heliotrope Ridge / Coleman Deming route very challenging. Danielle, Kathia and I hatched up a great idea to attack this route using electric bikes. The thought of having Mt Baker to ourselves in April was more than appealing so the plan was set and we headed south to the Blue T Lodge and Chair 9 for Saturday night accommodations and fresh pints."

Read Pat's full blog post on his photo blog >>

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