Losing Weight in Slim Creek

G3 splitboad ambassador Pat Mulrooney was at it again. When sunshine, fresh snow, and the Easter long weekend all align, you know he'll be chasing lines like a hungry kid in a candy store. Here's a tease and some images of his recent trip to Slim Creek near Bralorne, BC, Canada...

"As the season that keeps on giving rolled into Spring we planned another big Easter long weekend on the coast. This year it fell early and entirely in the month of March so conditions would likely be prime for the picking. I usually like to pick a place that isn't easily acsessed and where we will undoubtedly be alone. When you travel just a little bit north of Squamish it always amazes me how many of these types of places exist. We are so lucky to live in a mountain range that remains very wild. Our destination for this five day trip would be Slim Creek and the Bridge Glacier area. It showcases all of the above and provides the backcountry traveler a small glimpse of some of British Columbia's most fantastic ice-fields and mountains." Read Pat's full blog and view the many, many, many images on his trip report blog

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