Are you prepared for the Winter Season 2011?

The last three months were very busy. Since we had a lot of rain in the early summer, we had to get our work done in autumn. Almost 6 days a week  climbing in the trees. Mainly cutting rotten brenches or felling trees from top to bottom. The most exciting job was in Meran, on the south side of the alps in Italy. Last Winter, there was a massive snowpack. Too heavy for most of the big cedar trees. So a lot of brenches broke and we had to remove them or cut the trees down from top to bottom. I have never climbed such big trees. Due to the mediteranean climate in Meran, this is the only place in the Alps i know, where cedars grow.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the European Alps, you should go to Meran or Bozen. Located on the bottom of the sunny side of the alps, at about 800 feet above sea level, you can find palm trees in the city center, the world`s  best icecream and pizza. Just a few minutes outside of town, you have acces to mountains up to 10.000 feet altitude. Perfect for climbing, biking and ski touring.

Finally, we got our work done. Right in time for the first snowfall and some early season turns. For me, Arborist is the perfect job in late summer until autumn. First of all, it is the best cross over training you can get. Climbing in a tree 9 hours a day, dealing around with chainsaws and rigging stuff makes you tired. Mentally and physically. There is no reason to get some more training after work. Maybe some mountain biking on the days off.  That`s all i do to get prepared for winter. Second reason is, after all that work, my bank account is prepared as well for a long winter season. Some weeks of ski guiding and lots of  projects...

I wish you all a good start into Winter Season 2011.

Cheers, Peter

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