Christmas in Bavaria

I wish all of you a happy new year with lots of new snow.

I just came back from some relaxing christmas days in the mountains of the bavarian alps. the snow wasn`t really good so we focused on cooking, eating and drinking. skiing was just a little side event to get some fresh air and train our rescue dog Ivo.

My Bonesaw was the perfect tool to cut our traditional christmas tree just 300m away from our hut.

The menu contained some original bavarian "weisswuerstl" with bretzels for breakfast ,  some smoked trouts for lunch and a relly tasty "schweinebraten"  with potato dumplings for dinner.

After three days in our hut, the backpacks were empty, the stomach full and christmas over. the weather changed, a warm wind from the south melted the shallow snowpack and it was time to head back home for a shower.

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