Great White Open

A long period of warm temperatures, rain and no new snow is over!

Finally, a big storm hit the northern alps and we got enough of the fluffy white stuff. Time to get some skiing, check the snowconditions and some new gear.

The last few days were cold and sunny, but strong winds kept the avy danger still high. My Bonesaw and the Spadetech shovel were very usefull tools to create several snowpits and compressiontests. I don`t want to miss them any more in my backpack.

I hope, Vancouver North Shore got enough snow for the Olympic Games. My Brother will be there as the coach of the German Snowboard X Team. I will be back in BC this Season in March for some guided skitouring in the Coast Mountains up at the Burnie Glacier Chalet. One of my favourite places for remote skitouring.

Ride On.

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