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ski japan

The search for powder has started again. The white fluffy stuff got rare in the Alps so we decided to check out the mystic land of the rising sun.

It has been snowing the last two days, as we arrived in Sapporo. Our 4x4 Honda Minivan nearly didn`t make it up to Niseko, our first stop. 6 feet of new snow on a solid base of 8 feet. Our timing was perfect. Skiing in the open trees of Niseko felt like being a dolphin in the ocean.

The next Days we skied in a little resort near Niseko, where we found some nice terrain. It was less crowded than in Niseko but still lots of powder hunters. It was clear that we won`t be alone skiing in Hokkaido, but I was surprised to see crowds of skiers seeking for the ultimate powder in Japan. Mostly folks from Australia and New Zealand.

The weather started to clear, the snowpack settled so we decided to start some skitouring projects. Tracking was still hard work. Finally we made it up to the crater of a big volcano with beautiful vistas down to the sea. 3000 years ago, he puked last time, so we skied directly into the crater.

Skitouring the next days, we were surprised to see lots of Japanese skitourers.  Local  Powder Samurais with their massive snow swords. We weren`t afraid and had lots of fun and good times with these guys.
I have hardly seen as much new snow in a short time as around Niseko.

As everywhere on the planet, don`t expect to be alone. Prices for Skipasses and hotels are increasing from year to year. Since Freeride got a Fashion, combined with our globalized society even remote places are explored and discovered.

A pair of alpinist climbing skins in your pack will solve the problem…

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