Aleutian Islands, not your usual starting point for a ski trip.
Reuben Krabbe

Give him skis, a camera, and a map...

Professional Ski Photographer Reuben Krabbe Joins G3

We've been having a blast introducing some fresh faces to the brand this season. Watch for them on the peaks and online, and hoepfully we'll get a chance to profile each one of them over the season. First victim, Whistler based action sposrts photographer and adventurer Reuben Krabbe. Allow Reuben to introduce himself with a few words and images...

"My first day on skis was spent primarily spent wedged between my fathers 210cm straight skis, on a rope tow bunny hill at the base of Wintergreen. A small ski hill near Calgary Alberta. I distinctly remember being both excited and apprehensive, about this mysterious uncomfortable sport. I still remember looking from the pancake flat bunny hill to the top of the 300 foot tall ‘mountain’ and promising myself:

I will never go up there.

Years later, skiing and photography continue to break perceived limits and ceilings of ability or opportunity I’ve expected to reach. From creating a single photograph that has now been viewed by millions of people, to meeting the remarkable residents of Nikolski Alaska, -a town of 18 residents at the world’s edge-, the only constant I’ve learned to expect is uncertainty, adventure, and great friendships.

I can confidently say the Synapse is the best shaped, best quality, lightest ski I’ve stood on. After riding a diverse number of skis in the last years, I’m glad to have found a home at G3. It just makes sense to be collaborating with a company that is concentrating all it’s efforts on a specific style of skier."

See more of Reuben's work at:

Instagram - @ReubenKrabbeWebsite - www.ReubenKrabbe.comThe walls of Whistler's Fire Rock Lounge

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