#SkiCityShootout With James & Reuben #ForTheWin

G3 ambassadors Reuben Krabbe and James McSkimming headed south to Salt Lake City last month to hunt fresh pow an ski away with another notch on their belts; a 1st place finish in the #SkiCityShootout. Reuben peppered James with a few questions, but really it's just an excuse to share some of the jaw-dropping images with you. We saved the even better ones for the magazines, so keep an eye out next fall.

Reuben: So James, we won the Ski City (Salt Lake) Shootout. On the plane south were you expecting a win? What about on the night of the awards?

James: To be honest, I did think a win was likely. On the night of the awards I knew we had some great stuff, so I was feeling pretty confident, but without knowing what the other teams had been up to I couldn’t be certain.

Reuben: When were you the closest to taking the Avy probe out of your backpack and stabbing me in the neck?

James: Maybe during the multiple transitions to touring kit without ever actually using it, but violence is not the answer…

Reuben: Best beer you tasted while down in the US (or, did the scotch tub win. If so, explain)

James: It’s hard to keep track because I tried so many new ones (at 3% alcohol one can get through quite a few without taking a ditch nap) but I’d have to say some of the IPAs. The scotch tub is pretty hard to beat though, having a scotch in a hot tub…

Reuben: Which hill do you like skiing the most? Or, which would you prefer if it could have ideal conditions. Why?

James: I would like to ski Snowbird in better conditions because we had a pretty challenging weather day there. Solitude definitely took me by surprise with its awesome terrain.

Reuben: Where is your credit card?

James: I can tell you where it’s not…and that it’s been cancelled.

Reuben: Which ski were you riding?

James: G3 Empire Carbon 115 and next year’s Boundary 100.

Reuben: Want to come back for the competition next year?

James: You think I wouldn’t?!

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