Artistic Expressions in Kyrgyzstan

Splitboarder Sean Busby doesn't let moss grow under his feet, spending each spring bouncing from one expedition to the next. Lucky for us, he's just launched a new website to document his adventures: Two Sticks and a Board. Here's some snippets and photos from his first post about Kyrgyzstan...

Every so often, it’s nice to get a good dose of culture shock. It’s a way to ground my views on life. In the winter sports realm, it’s a way to see mountains with a new perspective. A recent expedition to Kyrgyzstan did just that—and after seeing the country’s newly found/remote skiing subculture firsthand, this trip conjured a few new realizations as Mollie and I immersed ourselves in the Central Asian culture.

In the past, my expeditions were focused solely on discovering new lines and riding them in a unique and aesthetic nature. Experiencing the culture was merely an afterthought. And while I’ve learned that culture—for me—has become a big piece in getting the most from an expedition, I always return to my foundation of riding. Since I don’t consider myself an artist with a paintbrush, I do consider myself an artist when it comes to snowboarding. It’s cliché to say that snowboarding is art, but for me it really is. The mountain’s face is my white canvas, and a unique and/or aesthetic line helps the viewer capture the emotion of my art.

Horse access deep into the backcountry of the Tian Shan Range
These unique lines take place among Walnut trees in the Khrebet Babash-Ata Mountains.  Utah blower-like snow in the heart of Asia.

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