Fresh Lines At the Bottom Of the Earth

I just returned from my second voyage to ski on the Antarctic Peninsula, and what a trip it was. On board the 331' Ocean Adventurer with 100 skiers and 24 guides from all over the world, we set sail across one of the roughest stretches of water on earth, the Drake Passage, and luckily were blessed with fairly moderate conditions. Once on the peninsula, we had great weather conditions that allowed us to ski every day.

The classic line about this trip is "you don't go for the skiing". It is Antarctica after all, and there's plenty of amazingness to behold in all directions. The skiing is a bonus. It's not always the greatest conditions, but with the right expectations you can be pleasantly surprised - on this trip we skied a lot of good snow. Legit powder, perfect corn, and everything in between.

The terrain here is "high alpine meets the ocean". Glacier clad islands, glacier clad peaks, glacier clad shoreline... We use the rope pretty much any time we're headed uphill due to the fairly real crevasse hazard.

After a big day of ski touring, it's pretty nice to return to your expedition cruise ship, where a five star dining experience awaits. As you enjoy a nice meal and an evening slideshow, your home is quietly transported to a new magical location. Pretty unreal.

Pacific Alpine Guides offers this two week trip in partnership with Ice Axe Expeditions. Learn more at

G3 SENDr's ready to shred a new line in Antarctica.
Tyler Reid
The views aren't bad around here.
Tyler Reid
Home away from home
Tyler Reid
FINDr's aboard the ship. Ready for fun times ahead.
Tyler Reid
Oh hello there.
Tyler Reid
Waterfront riding.
Tyler Reid

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