free ground shipping on orders $150+
free ground shipping on orders $150+

ZED 12 Updates - 2019

For the 19/20 season we have made some updates to the ZED 12 binding increasing strength in parts, materials, refining shapes and generally improving the performance and user experience.

  • Added strength in the heel for the 19/20 version
    • The stomp pad is no longer required to ski brakeless
    • Extended top cap screws
    • New “grill” shape at the front of the turret for increased durability
  • Improved fit and finish of ZED ski brake eliminates possible noisy ‘play’
  • Modified and stiffer forward pressure spring improves uphill touring with the heel lifts

Note: The ZED Freeride Stomp Pad Kit is now available as an optional accessory for skiers who ski without a brake, are 175+ lbs, plan to ski in and/or out of bounds, and generate larger loads during impacts when jumping and landing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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