Zoya Lynch's Inspiration
Zoya in front and behind the lens.
Zoya Lynch & Ryan Creary

"Look up, take a deep breath, and appreciate it..."

Zoya's Inspiration

While on the hunt for shreddable goods in the backcountry, it is easy  to get lost in a whiteout of numbers, data, temps, aspects, time, elevation, and all the other measurements it takes to get out and get after it safely.

Yes, computing the constant flow of practical and scientific messages that the mountains provide is the key to making sure we come home happy and healthy at the end of the day. But the more time we spend constantly analyzing, the less time we have to tune in, and appreciate the beauty and vastness of our surroundings.

I believe that in order to connect with the mountains we have to remember to enjoy them. Once we feel more connected to our surroundings, our senses are automatically heightened. This allows our intuition to kick in and we begin to move mindfully through the snow, operating at a frequency similar to natures. Intuition is the greatest device in our toolbox, and combining it with practical data will bring a new sense of clarity to our decisions.So before you get completely obsessed with setting your up track at the perfect angle, or spending every single snack break staring at your altimeter... look up. Take a deep breath, and appreciate all of nature’s gifts.

My favorite thing to do when I feel inspired in the mountains is to pull out my camera and take pictures. Here are a few of my images to help you get inspired for the upcoming winter.

1. Everyone loves bottomless early season turns alongside some alder. Glacier National Park. 

2. Sunrise from the back deck. Amiskwi Lodge. 

3. Basking in the first light on the Catamount Glacier. 

4. Its not snowing, its glowing. Golden Alpine Holidays. 

5. Moody view off the summit of Ursus Major, Glacier National Park. 

6. The first stroke of paint on a blank canvas. Amiskwi Lodge. 

7. Purple morning contemplation. Whistler Mountain. 

8. Its not a windlip, its a wave, and Vincent Massey is going surfing. Whistler Mountain. 

9. A moment of gratitude before another epic spring line. Amiskwi Lodge. 

10. Sometimes the sky likes to dance around us. Golden Alpine Holidays. 

11. Is is the South Face of Mt. Collie or is it a castle? Amiskwi Lodge. 

12. First descents are best shared with friends. Amiskwi Lodge. 

13. Esplanade Kingdom. Golden Alpine Holidays. 

14. Sometimes watching your friends ski a line can feel more blissful that skiing it yourself. Golden Alpine Holidays. 

15. The art of setting the up track. Golden Alpine Holidays. 

16. Are we walking on surface hoar, or a billion tiny feathers made of snow? Amiskwi Lodge. 

17. Its glowing, again. Golden Alpine Holidays. 

18. Evening light on some rockies Spines. Amiskwi Lodge. 

19. And sometimes life becomes a Dr. Seuss book. Eagle Pass. 

20. Snowing S4, and its never looked so beautiful. Glacier National Park.

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